Global Development Associates, LLC

Experienced Development Professionals

Global Development Associates, LLC has over 50 years of collective experience in the Middle East across the public and private sectors.


Global Development Associates, LLC (GDA) is a U.S. small business with a specific focus on the Middle East.  Formed in April 2010, GDA provides technical consulting and business development services.  Our technical consulting services cover the power and telecommunications sectors, economic development, education, public/private partnerships, food security, monitoring and evaluation, and public relations.  Our business development services include, but are not limited to industry intelligence, introductory services, sales and sales brokerage.  GDA also conducts fact-finding missions and feasibility studies on behalf of our clients, which include donor organizations, NGOs, government agencies, and private companies. 


GDA has an extensive network of government, private sector, NGO, and donor relationships throughout the region which we leverage on behalf of our clients.  Our knowledge of and insight in the Middle East is unparalleled thanks to our partners who have over 50 years of collective experience in international development and commerce in the region.